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JVL iTouch - Replace 3.6 1/2 AA Battery


Hey team!
Does anyone have a guide, or any info on replacing the 3.6 1/2AA battery on the motherboard of a JVL iTouch?

My machine doesn't keep any settings, and I have to do a reset every time I boot up the machine.  I did some reading and I've read that the battery could be dead.

I have the machine open, but not sure if the battery is soldered in there, or if there is a certain way to remove these types of batteries.

Any input would be awesome!

Here's a couple of pictures of the battery. (sorry for the bad quality)

You will have to desolder the battery from the board...

Or... cut the old batterry off  leaving the leads as long as possioble soldered to the board and then solder the new battery to the existing leads..  I know that is considered a 'hack' but if you aren't comfortable desoldering, you wont damage the board this way.

I replaced a battery in a JVL Eclipse and it was a TADRIAN battery found at Mouser here....

I agree, it's all based on your soldering skills. If you are confident enough to try to replace it, maybe shoot for a 1/2AA holder, solder that back on, then a standard 1/2AA (without leads of course) will just plunk right in. in a few years when it dies again, just pop it out an pop in a new one.


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