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Question for Howard re fedit


Howard I had a friend who modified fedit so that upon clicking the play button all ffb effects continue to be delivered to my wheel without losing focus even if I click away and launch another program. It works ok in MAME so far, and I'm using it as a workaround until you release the new Hooker. Only downside is fedit loses focus upon exiting MAME. To make matters worse, Clicking the play button fails to re-engage the ffb effect(in my case "spring" and "inertia") and the only way to get them back is to close out fedit completely and re-launch it.

Do you know of a way to keep fedit from losing focus no matter *what*? Whether entering or exiting mame? Kind of a pain in the d00k-chute to keep having to close and reopen it every time I exit a game.

Well feedit is specifically coded that way, so I doubt it.  It usually has to do with if directinput has been declared in exclusive or non-exclusive mode, but in this case I think it's just a safety mechanism so your devices quit when you aren't working on other stuff. 

ok thanks


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