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Help with FFB on Sega Lindbergh



I see most of you tend to be running mame etc but I thought Id try my luck here anyway.

I have got a sega lindbergh with the servo motor board etc, wired everything up last night to my steering assembly but when i load up race tv, the only time im getting anything from the motor is when it is Initilizing Kickback, it kicks into life and slowly rotates to the right mostly, once ingame I get no motion at all and also in test menu etc I get no motion as well.

Anyone got any ideas?


Welcome to the board. Which game are you trying to run? OutRun 2SP Deluxe? If so, I don't think anyone here owns a Lindgergh hardware kit, but you might want to keep an eye for the OutRun 2006 PC hack that Howard is working on. It poised to be the best version of the game yet, once he's done "tweaking" it  :cheers:

running Sega Race TV, will get more games later though.

Hi Boomslang.

So far most of the people that hang out in this sub-forum are people with converted cabs running emulators.
Maybe someday we'll attract some arcade techs, but for now you're more likely to find help in the Arcade Miscellaneous forum:,24.0.html
There are a couple techs that check that board regularly.

Longshot, since I have no experience with that setup, but some of us have had an issue where if our motor is wired backwards, we get centering feedback working in reverse.  It "un-centers"  It could also be failing some kind of test at startup.  Make sure any limit switches present are in working order.

Appreciate the reply regardless guys, I will check into this forum regardless. Ive just purchased a Daytona USA 2 twin. As soon as supermodel emulator gets network support ill be converting this cab for pc


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