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Costco selling a $35k turnkey driving sim: VRX iMotion Custom Racing Simulator

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Anyone see this thing at

VRX iMotion Custom Racing Simulator

The $35k includes "white glove delivery, setup and training"...

I am sure there are quite a few billionaires out there who would think nothing of plunking down that kind of cash for a turnkey racing sim to sit next to their golf sim... Wonder how many they'll sell, and what the profit margin is on this item.

Anyone want to speculate on the cost of a BYO version?

Just pulling a number out of my butt... around 5k. 

Let's see..

computer  ~600
3 monitors  ~200x3
Racing controls ~400
seat ~100
structure ~300
linear actuators  ~300 x 4
control board ~200

Ok so that totals around 3400, but I've got to think there would be tons of hidden costs I can't think of.  This is to buy the stuff and assemble it mind you, not to make it from scratch, which for some of the stuff (structure, controls and control board) would be a lot cheaper. 

While the G27 is todays standard, it always bothers me that they don't include a more expensive or custom wheel on expensive rigs like this.

I think it was dream authentics who had the driving cab with a projector in front and a kegerator in back.
That one used a $60 Logitech Momo and a plastic arcade seat.  Looking at pics now, it looks like they moved on to the G25/27.
It was far short of $34k though.

Yeah I know nothing about the controls.... just getting into this stuff again.  You guys really need to stop posting cool ideas/rigs....

I love my G27 - but I have concerns it won't last forever.  The ECCI 7000 series is what I would expect to see on a $35k driving rig - I dont' think you'll ever break one of those.

Then again, I don't know what the game compatibility is for the ECCI 7000 either - the only thing I really saw listed on their webpage was iRacing.


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