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--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on August 26, 2023, 05:56:02 am ---I got to play on an Outrun 2 SP cabinet for the first ever time last weekend, at a new arcade bar that's just recently opened up in the centre of my home city. I was quite surprised to find out that the arcade version of OR2SP had a couple of extra features compared to the home versions, that I was previously unaware of, like the ability to play a special versus track, which mixes and matches some of the regular Outrun 2 courses with some of the ones from SP in a slightly different order. There's also some small animated representations of your cars in the top right of the screen that react to your position in a versus game. Also, your girlfriend Clarissa pops up from time-to-time at the bottom of the screen with little comments about how you're driving and what route you're taking, something that doesn't happen in the home version. Interesting that I'm still finding out new stuff about this game, all these years later....

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The first thing I noticed was the animations when you reach the goal, which you don't get in the PC version. Such a shame, as these have always been a fun part of Outrun.

The animations were large videos S0L of Sumo Digital said in the past. The Japanese PS2 version managed to have them included as it came out later (more dev time).

As for arcades, I noticed saying Funbox (Gravity Max Westfield Stratford, UK) has a 4 car full SP SDX setup (pic on that link, just over halfway down the page).

I've been selecting single player for so long that I'd forgotten about the SP arcade mode that does have the goal videos and credits.

I'm hoping to get to Gravity with some mates at some point. Until then, there's always the 2 car setup at Southend.

Thanks for your work Howard. Has there been any progress from anyone on extracting 3D models? I wanted to try making some new livery textures for the cars.

Hello! I realize that it's not quite on-topic given this forum is more focused on replicating the arcade experience, but this thread has been a valuable resource for me and I figure there's probably some overlap in interest.OutRun2006Tweaks is a new mod for OR2006C2C that, among other fixes, allows for arbitrary replacement of textures. The game holds up great in 4K except for the UI and while there's been some trying to fill the gap with raw AI upscales, that was never going to be good enough for my tastes.

So I've been attempting to recreate the art from scratch in vector format, it's been going well but I've been tackling a lot of the low hanging fruit. There's a lot of art that are low resolution renders, ideally models from the game would be exported, posed and rendered in high resolution to match the original renders. There's a few assets from the press kit that can work, but not enough to cover everything. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to 3D so any help with this would be appreciated.

There's a thread for HD assets in the OutRun2006Tweaks github and a Discord link in that thread, if anyone is interested in contributing.


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