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Hacking Outrun 2006

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This is one of those side projects that I want to play around with when I'm bored with my main projects. 
The goal is to hack at least rudimentary force feedback support into the pc version of outrun 2006. 
If possible I'd also like to transplant the high res graphics of the lindberg arcade version into the pc version.

Right now I'm trying to narrow down the memory addresses so it isn't such a snipe hunt.  Would any of you guys have this trainer? 

Upon clicking the link it takes me to some shady download site that wants me to install a download manager.  That's not happening.  But if it's available elsewhere it would speed things up dramatically. 

FFB is already supported on the PC version.

No it's not. 

It's supported on the xbox version, and the 360 version, but not of the pc version. 

Ohhh outrun....for some reason i thought crazy taxi... My bad

Well Fed Games:
As someone frustrated by the PC port I will be watching this intently...


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