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Thanks for the info - I had been thinking of another drive - might just be the easiest.

Should it be handy enough to mount my USB drive from GroovyArcade ?


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I installed the 2020 version on my vertical monitor setup. When I boot up Groovy Arcade the splash screen is sideways. Is there any way to turn or remove the pulsating splash screen?


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In GASETUP (Groovy Arcade Setup) - (quit front end or run 'sudo gasetup' from terminal)

Option 2 - (Setup audio, video, network)
Option 1 - (Video Setup)
Option 6 - (Video Boot Options)
Option 5 - (Splash Orientation)

Choose Vertical Right/Left depending on your monitor rotation.


--- Quote from: Substring on April 11, 2020, 12:07:46 pm ---Now for consoles : I've simply removed anything linked to consoles for a BIG list of reasons and tbh, at the moment, I can't make any support for them, I have way too much to do for GA and other things related to GroovyMAME. You may try your luck with RetroArch that is 15kHz capable, but haven't had time to try it yet.

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Noob question:
Is there a chance that emu4crt Mednafen mod can be included in the next release of Groovyarcade?

emu4crt is still beta. I've tesyed it locally, but haven't pushed it yet, nor have I written the emulators configuration files. I can't add it in the iso, but would make the package available some day

I see a lot of people adding RA to their GA installs, but I guess many of them don`t realize the advantages of Mednafen with emu4crt mod.

It would be amazing if we could have an all-in-one ISO some day, but available package is still a good option as well.   :applaud:  :notworthy:


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