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--- Quote from: mamenewb100 on February 27, 2013, 10:03:11 am ---The only real downer is not being able to use scanlines. I understand that hlsl is Direct3d only(I think?). My only question would be how come only LCD gets the options of scanlines and not CRT? I understand it sounds silly to add them on a CRT that already had them. But it makes a difference on 31K monitors. Did it require more work and code to add them to CRTs or was it just assumed that noone would need them?

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GroovyArcade supports GLSL filters that are the HLSL counterpart for Linux, but as far as I know they only work with Nvidia. Initially VeS made those settings available for LCD and  the 'vesa' presets but I recommended leaving them for LCD only, so that's my fault. I believe it should be possible to make a mixed configuration manually. See how it modifies mame.ini and then try enabling later with your monitor preset.

EDIT: Well I checked again and the CRT Emulation is available for 'vesa' presets too, so try the 'vesa_480' preset (vesa 640x480).

Hey guys, great work on the new release.  I am curious, though, have you guys had any segfaults with using switchres or compiling programs?  When trying to do certain things (like generate some modelines for x), switchres would give me a segfault (I can try to get a verbose output to a text file on the linux box and post it from there).  On top of that, when running the configure script for something like, say, lrmc it tells me that gcc is not capable of creating executable files.  Any reasons why?

Lastly, the monitor_specs lines that you provided in Windows, Calamity, seem to be quite wonky in some instances for linux (which I can now state the ATI driver for X.Org is indeed patched on top of the kernel driver).  These smartphone pics aren't the best, but it "should" give some sort of idea what happened.  Also having generated an 800x600 modeline via switchres caused vertical "squishing" (which is unlike using gtf to calculate the modeline).  Let me know what else I can do to further test things (not just the emulators, but native games and stuff under WINE if I can get it to work at all).


--- Quote from: NightSprinter on February 27, 2013, 09:38:26 pm ---when running the configure script for something like, say, lrmc it tells me that gcc is not capable of creating executable files.  Any reasons why?

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Maybe a problem with multilib library/sotfware?
Have you the same problem on both 32bit and 64bit version?

Hi Ansa, could you post your compiled Switchres with the patch you did for NightSprinter? At this point I'm not sure if your patch was finally applied or we forgot doing it.

The attached file is a 32bit version of switchres (with my patch applied), statically linked, so it could run also on 64bit systems without any multilib libraries (however you need the support for 32bit program compiled into kernel).

The binary is compiled with "-g" and isn't stripped, so you can debug it.

@Calamity: I upgraded my patch; grab it, check if you like the changes and decide if apply or reject it.


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