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Hello, after a long time of hard work finally we publish the new version.
Thanks to Calamity for the patience that has had with so many update(awkward mistakes, translations, improvements, etc) Daesdae for his great work with AdvmenuPlus,Rockman betatester and thinker.

GroovyArcade live-CD Release 2020

GroovyArcade live-CD Release 2013-02-24

GroovyWiki: Installing Groovy Arcade Arch Linux to a USB Flash Drive


GroovyArcade-Mame GitHub

System features:

- Linux Kernel 3.7.7
- xf86-video-ati 1:7.0.0-1
- xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.6-1
- xf86-video-intel 2.21.2-1
- xf86-video-fbdev 0.4.3-2
- xf86-video-vesa 2.3.2-2
- mesa 9.0.2-1
- Locked kernel, SDL and video packages during updates.
- Locked distribution date as 02/20/2013 for future package updates.
- Added experimental support for NVidia cards (tested 9800gt).
- Added intel vesa fb video driver.
- Added svgalib package.
- Added Mednafen multi-system emulator.
- Added Rejoystick package, converts joystick events to key strokes.
- Added touchpad package for laptops.
- New 'autologin', to avoid problems with 'user' in future updates

Software included:

- GroovyMAME
- SwitchRes 1.50-fix
- AdvmenuPlus v2.7
- Mednafen 0.9.28-1
- Mupen64plus 1.99.5-4
- Nestopia 1.44-1
- Stella 3.7.3-1
- Gens 2.15.5-5
- Wahcade-bzr 104-1 develversion

GAsetup update:

- Added new auto-update options for GroovyMAME, AdvmenuPLUS, etc.
- Added monitor presets in sync with GroovyMAME
- Added new scripts 'Add ROM/Snap paths', to easily configure your emulator's rom/snap paths without editing text files. These scripts will auto-configure AdvmenuPLUS for you.
- Added modified Midnight Commamder (mc) that includes new option (in F2 menu) to set current directory as a rom/snap path for the emulator you choose. This is an alternative to the 'Add ROM/Snap paths' script.
- Added CRT emulation option for LCD screens, based on GLSL filters. 
- Added grub editing menu to setup outputs, time-out, splash screen, etc.
- Various grub issues fixed.
- General clean-up (obsolete setups, etc.)
- New option to disable Intel i915 graphics from grub, that cause some PCs to crash on boot.
- New option to copy contains of /roms partition from live-CD on HD installation. This way the user can choose to keep his /roms partition from a previous installation unmodified.
- Added Rejoystick daemon setup.
- Added support for updating network and WIFI setup, now it asks for the encryption type (WPA, WEP or Open).
- Fully reworked 'automount' feature, so it stays active during HD installation to look for previous setups.
- New option to hide mouse pointer, it only gets hidden with 'autologin', if AdvmenuPLUS or Wah!Cade are used. For LXDE it will be visible, as well as for Wah!Cade first execution.


- Updated to SwitchRes patch version 014.
- GroovyMAME v0.148u1.014, compiled with WiiMote support (the XInput patch originally created by, which VeS had been including and mantaining in GroovyMAME was finally added to baseline MAME in version 0.147u4, however it needs to be explicitly activated before compiling).
- New folder 'Bios_roms' in /roms, necessary to store GroovyUME bioses.

SwitchRes 1.50-fix:

- Updated (patched actually) to be in sync with new monitor presets and options in GroovyMAME (SwitchRes patch 014).
- Now ini files are read from inisw, this is to avoid conflicts with ini files read by GroovyMAME/UME.


- Added AdvmenuPLUS v2.6 and new layouts.
- Compiled for generic hardware to avoid segmentation faults.
- Updated configuration for various emulators.


- Added Mednafen 0.9.28-1 multi-system emulator, as an alternative to GroovyUME, due to its easy integration with the SwitchRes launcher to allow native video modes.
- Most special keys have been removed, joysticks are configured from f3 to f6.


- Added links on LXDE desktop for Wah!Cade and Rejoystick.
- Added web browser.
- All users setup files cleaned and revised.
- Updated fstab, now it mounts non-Linux partitions, internal clean-up. 
- All mount/umount commands redirected to 'null' to hide messages.
- Modified 'event' executable to print Wiimote events so they can be recognized and added to xorg.conf (still manual).
- New xorg.conf setup, now hexadecimal PCI identifiers are converted to decimal.

Wow, nice!
Will try this one as soon as I can find the time!  :applaud:

Great job!

So for my upcoming arcade cab is this the way to go over the PC version if the cab is just for arcade games?? Shame cant use HyperSpin Frontend with it

Thank you guys. You are really awesome! I just installed it on my system, seems to work great. I wiped the previous installation and now I am waiting for the ROMS to copy over a WLAN connection. I surely takes time transferring gigabytes over Wifi.

Following problems with previous live-CD went away:
1) AdvanceMame used to crash with Illegal Instruction message on my setup. I did fix it previously by compiling it myself, but I really appreciate that you fixed that for us who are using relic hardware.
2) Wifi now just works. Previously it didn't work for me out of the box.

I'll keep playing some more, once I get some ROMs to play with. So far I can only say my thanks on the overall great progress on making the installation and configuring more user-friendly.


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