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Here is a couple of videos of my set-up. I did the driving cab a few years ago. The metal work was all stripped and powder coated. The plastic sides were painted and new artwork applied. I fitted new Sanwa PFX monitor's with new surround and dashboard plastics purchased direct from Sega.  They have modified Logitech G25 wheels working with the cabs original pedals.

I will throw my Cabaret on here as something different.

Hello. Godaddy stole my domain a year or so ago. So I got a new domain name. My driving cabinet has been updated quite a bit in the 10 years since I built this website. This website is a picture of my old cabinet. However it has been modified quite a bit! im using all REAL arcade controls now. arcade steering wheel with force feedback motor. arcade shifter and pedals. I will update this site with some more current pictures of my build if anyone is interested and move this site to archive. I just wanted to get my site back visible.

The cabinet looks basically the same as it did but now all the buttons that normally would be on the wheel are on the console because the wheel turns! the buttons moved when I turned the wheel so I made it hard on me to hit the boost since the boost moved. I kinda like the buttons being on the dash. But some may disagree. this also has a 32" TV in it now. the power outage a couple years ago blew the 27" and I replaced with a sony 32" that I decased and wedged into the cabinet. I will tell you more about it later if there is any interest.

Here is my driving cub that I built a few years ago.

Also added extras ...

SpaceHedgehog's R-Pod MkII,138146.msg1426735.html#msg1426735


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