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ami-man's advice on Rowe Ami jukeboxes

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Hello.  I am hoping that someone is still active in this post.  I have a Rowe Ami TI-2, recently acquired.  I have cleaned connections and can get a record to play by manually turning gears to cams.  However,  when I make a selection, the selection assembly rotates, pin is depressed, then nothing.  The magazine does not turn.  We took the motor out, cleaned it and put it back in and magazine works! Yaay!  Except it was binding on something and broke the main gear.  Replaced it, put it back together and …. The magazine will not work…. Any ideas??? We are out of them. Lol

i don't know this machine specifically but i will give you a synopsis of this type of machine in general.

when you "coin-up" the machine, IE, you supply a credit to the machine to be able to play a record.... you essentially supply power from the coin circuit to the selection keypad. (either by a switch on the credit unit or a relay)

you press the buttons... (for example "A") it allows the power from the coin-up circuit to pass through the letter button "A" the number buttons (say, it's "1" you press) when you have the 2 buttons pressed , you complete a power circuit that turns on the selector motor and it begins rotating. your 2 buttons now also are passing power to a particular stud on the selector.

the fingers on the selector are rotating now... going over all the dead power studs until the stud connected to A1 goes past and the power being passed from the coin-up circuit.... through the "A" and the "1" on the keypad... through the stud on the selector.... through the fingers on the selector..... to the selector actuator solenoid. the actuator solenoid is powered *CLUNK* and the appropriate pin currently in front of the actuator is pushed out... (usually the keypad buttons are also reset at this time)...... when the pin rotates around into the mechanism and actuates the record selection itself mechanically but the electrical system continues to operate until the pin can be reset and the system shuts down. typically the selector has a "home" position switch, where electrically, the selector switch will power the motor on it own regardless of the reason so that it has made 1 full rotation. (to allow for things to reset and whatnot.) you should be able to actuate this "home" switch and have the motor run on it's own one full rotation, wherethen it will return to it's home position. if actuating this switch does not cause the motor to run, it's electrical power must be checked out.


if your machine is acting dead dead... you need to check the coin-up circuit to make sure power is getting to the keypad when a coin is inserted. if there is no power there, check to make sure power is getting to the coin-up circuit from the main power supply.

it's just a matter of checking along each step of the way to make sure the power is getting from point a to b... b to c... c to d and so on.

typically if you have your selector buttons mounted to an openable door, the wires passing the power from the keypad to the selector typically break in the door hinge joint. (repeated bending) this can cause a selector to not work or work intermittently.

you may have a power issue for the selector motor by either the home position switch or the switch/relay from the keypad that kickstarts the process of rotation so the home position switch can take over. you just need to carefully watch the process to see where things are getting hung up... but by the sounds of things it's kickstarting...but not continuing so i'd look into the home position switch.

good luck!

Im really stuck here and Im thinking maybe its an easy fix.
I have an AMI Rowe jukebox that plays 45s.  Thinks its an 80s something model.  It advances one number beyond the number you input.  If you input 238 it plays the 45 in the 239 slot.  Is there an easy way to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

as stated above, the selector fingers or the selector solenoid or possibly a switch are likely adjustable... sometimes by a setscrew on a stop or gear position. but there is a way you can crank it back a bit or forward (basically alter the timing in some way)  so it punches out the previous pin for the selection before.


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