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ami-man's advice on Rowe Ami jukeboxes

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just watched this video so will go with this method.  Surprised they left them connected.

I have an R-83. Two selections, 138/238 and 149/249, play fine, but then the record is returned to the adjacent slot to the left. 138/238 will end up in 137/237 and 149/249 will end up in 148/248. I don't know if there's anything obvious about this issue, but it's kind of an annoyance.

-Rob Jackson

My dad has an AMI Rowe Record Jukebox, it keeps throwing up error codes 1, 8 and 12.. We replaced the battery and got a different coin thingy but the error for the coin thingy came back after i messed around a little bit and turned the coin connector around so it was going the right way ando now it flags the error... My dad and myself are getting very irritated trying to figure the issue out the last 3 months can someone help?

Hi Alan
I have a AMI Rowe 100 Watt Jukebox Stereo Amplifier R-3760A from a MM2 with burned transistors
Do you know  the Replacement /Cross reference transistors for this amplifier?  Any guide ? All ready have the flipper. com list. Just looking for the missing / not mentioned power and driver's transistors.
Thanks in advance.

the part number of the transistors is printed right on the top on their cases. it'll be a part number such as 2N1234 it should have 2 different sets of 2... one set of 2 will be like "2N1234" and the other set will be like "2N1236" as one set are PNP type transistors, and the other will be NPN type.
we can better cross reference the original part numbers better with those numbers.


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