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ami-man's advice on Rowe Ami jukeboxes

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If you require advice on Rowe Ami jukeboxes with regards to faults, where to get parts etc by all means leave a post.

It is best if you set your country details in your user account, that way forum members can direct you where to get spare parts or have repairs undertaken.


Alan Hood

Hello there...

I noticed you've been helping some of the members with wallbox questions.  Well,  I have a Rowe R86 and am thinking about connecting a wallbox. Prehaps you can help?

1. Do you know what wallbox models are compatible with the R86? 
2. I also have an R84... would the wallboxes connect to either?
3. I've been reading that prehaps a WRD or WRE is the one I'm looking for.
4. Are other interface modules required?  If so, are they available?

I may have a lead on a WRD model. Do you think this would be worth pursuing?

Thanks much and I look forward to hearing from you.

John Coate in Washington State.

Hello John,

I think we have chatted before.

The R-84 to R-88 is the same technology so you would be able to connect to each jukebox with some form of switching.

With regards to connection a wallbox you will need a wallbox transformer 110/115 volts to 30 volt.
If you can find a WRE wallbox you will only need a simple interface that has a 500ma fuse in the data line if you use a WRD wallbox then you will need to obtain the correct interface because the WRD was meant to interface with a R-80S to R-83 jukebox. There are also interfaces that will interface with the earlier WRA & WRC wallboxes however these interfaces are harder to find.

If you have trouble locating the correct interface for the WRD then I do have some in stock.


Alan Hood

I have a faulty crossover assembly in a Rowe AMI CD-51 jukebox.  Will a crossover assembly from a CD-100A work in its place or do I need to seek out an original.  Thanks in advance for any help. 

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your post offering help with AMI jukes.

I have a unit that belonged to my grandfather that I would very much like to use. I don't know the model because the label is not legible.
I'll attempt to post a picture of it with this post.

It worked for years until it was moved a couple of times. Now it powers up and the turn table runs. If I place a record and manually move the arm it'll play. There is a fault somewhere but I haven't a clue how to find it.

There is 30 years of dust and much built up in it. I'd like to clean the dust out safely without causing any more damage or cooking myself with any caps that may be hiding in wait.

I'm fairly handy and follow instructions well so I don't mind digging into the box.

Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.



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