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CNC Cut Bartop Kits - Orders Open! New Models Available!

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--- Quote from: yaksplat on February 18, 2013, 01:10:11 pm ---So if you put all of the profits into building your own CNC, you could really be on to something....

--- End quote ---

The thought HAS crossed my mind, to be sure. 

I officially financed my entire cabinet build this way.  It completely improves the wife acceptance factor.

Ginsu Victim:

--- Quote ---Pics coming soon.
--- End quote ---


Sorry, I just really want to see what you're up to.  ;D

I like the price and your work has always been excellent.

Interesting, cant wait to see pics. 
What size screen do you plan to accommodate?
Vertical or Horizontal?
Any Custom options (control panel, larger screens, etc.)?

very interested. have so many questions

are custom sizes available or would they be just one size?
how wide, high, deep are they?
what kind of screen range would you have with this kit?
what kind of board options would it support? itx, matx, atx etc
what kind of buttons would it support
single player or two player?


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