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Shop is here:

1/2" Black melamine, simple constuction, blank or pre-cut admin and control panels.

No painting or sanding required!  Just assemble and go!

Big thanks to degenatrons for the original CNC file that I have working from and modifying.  This is an open-source project, by the way.  Feel free to take the plans and modify them for you own use as you see fit.  By taking the plans, you are agreeing to the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 licensing, found here:

Here is my current revision of the CNC plans:

Here is the widescreen version:

Here is the link to the open source / open hardware project run by degenatrons:


Fits a Horizontal 17" 4:3 LCD monitor nicely.  Can fit a Horizontal 19" 4:3 LCD, but it's tight.  17" is the recommended size.
With a 17" monitor, a microATX motherboard, ATX power supply, and standard 3.5" hard drive fit.

Control and Admin Panels:

Comes in 2 options, drilled or undrilled.
Drilled has a standard 6 button Street Fighter layout, with 2 buttons for start and coin.  Admin panel has 3 buttons drilled.  Hole sizes are 1.15" diameter and will fit Happ buttons.
If you want a different layout, order the undrilled.  I have found that a 2 player 6-button layout MAY fit, but would be very cramped.  2 player 4-button is less so.
Control panel dimensions are: 17.72" X 6.19"

Monitor mount panel:

Drilled for both 75 X 75 and 100 X 100 VESA mounts

Speaker Panel:

Drilled holes for 2 speakers, hole pattern is 3.79" in diameter.

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 21.43"
Depth: 18.6"
Width: 18.72"


Melamine kit only: ~21 lbs

Pics of kit pieces:

Basic assembly instructions:

Lay out one side flat, pocket cuts up:

Fill each of the five 1/4" deep pockets with a liberal amount of wood glue.  Don't be stingy.  Insert each of the tabbed panels into the deep pockets:

Place the other side on top (with NO glue yet), aligning the tabs into the slots:

Place a heavy weight on top, wipe up the excess glue with a damp paper towel.  Wait for an hour or so.

After the hour or so has passed, take the weight off the cabinet, and carefully remove the unglued side.  Place the unglued side down, fill the five 1/4" pockets with a liberal amount of glue, and carefully guide the tabs into place.  Again, set a weight on the assembled cabinet, wipe up the excess glue with a wet paper towel, and leave for ~24 hours in a warm place.

Couple of other views:

Once completed and dry, lay the bartop face down (marquee & control panel area closest to the ground).

Once down, place the plexiglass inside, one side will rest on the back of the speaker panel, the other side will rest on the batons for the control panel.

Attach the monitor to the VESA mount panel using M4-.07 machine screws (25mm length).  Place the monitor & panel inside the bartop resting on the plexiglass.  Adjust the placement so the monitor is visible.  Use the included angle brackets to attach the panel to the inside of the cabinet.

* NOTE : The included screws with the brackets are a little too long and will poke out of the cabinet if you use them as is.  You either need shorter screws or use some spacers (like washers).

Usually the monitor is enough to hold the bezel plexiglass in place.

For the marquee plexiglass, you can find aliminum L channel at Home depot, cut to size, and paint.  There are also places online that stock black plastic L channel.  You will need a piece for top and bottom.

I have a version 1.0 and it was pretty good, this is version 2.0 and seems a ton better. I have done a lot of business with Haruman and I have never had a bad transaction yet.


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