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Just wanted to drop a quick note. I currently am out of white sets ATM, and don't know when I will make it down to my shop. We just got hammered with snow again tonight on top of what we already had last week. I'm paraplegic and it's difficult to leave the house with even just a couple inches on the ground. If you need black, blue, or red, I currently have a couple sets of each on hand. Otherwise, will probably be early next week before I can produce more. I'll make more than enough this next time and keep an abundance of white on hand.

Thx for understanding.

Plenty of white sets back in stock. Also, as of tomorrow (3/2/13) everything should be sent out. So, if you ordered from me you should already have it or have it within a few days.

Would love to hear some feedback.

Just sent you a paypal order for a set of black decals.  Thanks so much for doing this!


Just sent an order for a set of white button decals, thanks!

Received my package with the 2 color vinyl art....

 :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: Love it. Thanks for accepting the challenge SlammedNiss!!!!

good day.



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