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Standard button label sets are $12 (white or black) for a single set, or 2 for $20. Other colors are available for $15/set. These prices do not include shipping. (see below)
I do not allow decal substitutions in my std. sets.

Custom decal sets are $0.50/decal. A $5 minimum purchase (+ shipping) is required, unless included with a std. set of button labels. This allows for up to 10 decals.

Joystick surrounds are $5/pr. + shipping. Please specify which style (A-J) when ordering.

Please contact me regarding pricing on custom/personalized sets.

Shipping: 1st Class Shipping within the USA is just $1 for most orders. International 1st Class shipping is $3. Larger orders that are unable to fit within a standard envelope will cost more to ship.

Acceptable payment methods:
1. PayPal. Payment via "gifting" is always appreciated but never required.
2. Amazon gift card. .


All button decals are sized to fit standard Happ 0.8125" buttons.

hyper x:

Just joined for this.  Finally getting around to making an arcade pedestal from a nba jam TE control panel for mame instead of using my wii classic controllers for a more authenticate feel.  Really like this idea since I already have the buttons and don't want to re buy transparent ones for no good reason. 

Any way you can make them like this:

Basically red, blue, green and yellow for the p1 - p4 and for the 25 cents.  Everything else can be white.  I will pay extra if this is a possibility.  Just let me know.  Thanks.


How much for shipping to Germany?

how much for a galaga bezel thingie?

Pm'd edited defender kick plate files. Hope you can make it happen.

good day.


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