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Standard button label sets are $12 (white or black) for a single set, or 2 for $20. Other colors are available for $15/set. These prices do not include shipping. (see below)
I do not allow decal substitutions in my std. sets.

Custom decal sets are $0.50/decal. A $5 minimum purchase (+ shipping) is required, unless included with a std. set of button labels. This allows for up to 10 decals.

Joystick surrounds are $5/pr. + shipping. Please specify which style (A-J) when ordering.

Please contact me regarding pricing on custom/personalized sets.

Shipping: 1st Class Shipping within the USA is just $1 for most orders. International 1st Class shipping is $3. Larger orders that are unable to fit within a standard envelope will cost more to ship.

Acceptable payment methods:
1. PayPal via slammedniss at gmail dot com or scan this QR code. Payment via "gifting" is always appreciated but never required.
2. Google Pay via slammedniss at gmail dot com.
3. Amazon gift cards.

If you need to contact me outside of this website, you can email me at the same email address above. This also goes for those who are new at ArcadeControls and unable to send PM's.


All button decals are sized to fit standard Happ 0.8125" buttons.

hyper x:

Just joined for this.  Finally getting around to making an arcade pedestal from a nba jam TE control panel for mame instead of using my wii classic controllers for a more authenticate feel.  Really like this idea since I already have the buttons and don't want to re buy transparent ones for no good reason. 

Any way you can make them like this:

Basically red, blue, green and yellow for the p1 - p4 and for the 25 cents.  Everything else can be white.  I will pay extra if this is a possibility.  Just let me know.  Thanks.


How much for shipping to Germany?

how much for a galaga bezel thingie?

Pm'd edited defender kick plate files. Hope you can make it happen.

good day.


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