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Model 2 Emu Force feedback accuracy

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There are seven files in each of the two the supermodel FFB directories. You pick either 32bit or 64bit depending on what you're using, and then I think you need all seven files in your supermodel.exe folder (ok, the readme is not strictly required).

From that readme:

- If you wish to use FFB Plugin over Supermodel's FFB then disable Supermodel's FFB.
- When you launch game, ensure you have command -outputs=win for FFB Plugin to recieve Output Values etc
- Ensure either MAME32.dll or MAME64.dll is with FFB Plugin files in Supermodel folder depending on 32bit or 64bit Supermodel
--- End quote ---

the -outputs=win parameter is how it would appear in your command line. To use in supermodel.ini follow the format in there.


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