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JVL Systems PDF Manuals and info.


Will copy paste links to info sorted by generation here:

"iTouch" series systems:

iTouch "HD" series systems:

do you have any links to manuals showing how to remove the touchscreen/display from a JVL Retro?

I don't unfortunately the data surrounding JVL is extremely scarce...and only supplied by the manufacturer on a need to know basis.

for the retro, i believe there are 2 phillips screws on the inside in the top and right corners (and a latch maybe?)  the monitor should hinge out if you push it out from the inside.

use caution, it is only held in by tabs at the bottom so you can lift it up and out. so don't go all gung ho tilting and flipping it around.

I did find a bmi gaming manual for the echo/encore. it's got some illustrations and part numbers for apparently non existent replacement parts.
maybe it will come in handy


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