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fource pdf

plz d/l


Just wondering here...

How does a FORCE PDF of software versions help a guy out with an XL?

This PDF is more like it...

it is realy in the flavour of the thread title
merit/jvl touchscreen
there is if u read my post's is a wack more to come up



To sum it up, I believe the lack of any video whatsoever was caused by a bad connection on the VGA connector.
It hasn't failed to work since reflowing the solder points.  Those solder points were like steel.  It took a crazy hot iron to get them to melt.

Hanging at the loading screen was caused by one of the memory sticks not being detected.
The hard drives require 32mb to run.  The system was only showing 16mb until I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the memory sticks.

It's been turned on and off a few times and seems to work fine now.  :)


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