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Graphical glitches on some games


I have a MegatouchXL with a Telco motherboard running Titanium off a hard drive. I have a wierd issue where on the menus and on some games, the graphics glitch out a bit. To be specific, I get lines that quickly seem to run across the screen and shift the image a bit in those areas. It doesn't prevent the games from playing, but it is an annoyance. I've noticed that it doesn't happen on all the games, and on some it is worse than others. For example, it doesn't happen in Hoop Jones, but it occurs a lot on Photo Hunt. When I was in the process of rebuilding this machine and considering using an LCD, I couldn't because when I used one and it glitched, the LCD would lose the video signal. This doesn't happen on a CRT, but the glitches are still there.

Could this possibly be related to my grounding issue? Are there graphics chips on the Telco I should look at/clean? Any caps I should look at? Thanks.

all telco board's should be re-capped
on your i/o card
u will c 8 dip switch's
turn 4 and 7 on
re-boot game
it should load factory default's
from the mbr of the hard-drive
once it is done it will tell u turn switch's off and re-boot
see if that fix's your glitch problem



The Telco motherboard itself should be recapped? Any in particular, or should I shotgun the thing?

basically all of them. (mainly the 470 and 1000 uf ones. the tiny tiny ones should still be good.)

i reccomend stepping up the voltage as space allows 10 or 16 volts. (larger voltage usually means a bigger cap which may not fit.) use caution around heatsinks and other things that hang over the may not go back together.


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