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Happs 3" T-Ball Refurb - $45.00 Shipped U.S. - **Added Accessories**

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Hello All,

I have some refurbished Happs 3" trackballs and accessory parts for sale. 

All trackballs were pulled apart, washed, bearings re-oiled by vaccuum pressure, trackballs scrubbed back to a nice white.

All tested and working...

PM me for package quotes if interested...

TBall PS2/USB Encoders - Works with Spinners Too!

Clear Trackball Replacements

Clear T-Ball Led Mods

T-Ball 3" mounting plates - Brand New

Refurbished White T-Ball Replacements

Sorry to hijack your thread, but how did you manage to get the whiteness from the trackballs again?. I just happened to ask that question a couple of hours ago. Again, sorry for the hijack.

Soap and water and a towel, they werent super filthy.....

Also try a bleach solution or take some comet and put it in water make slurry and clean it with that.....

Maybe use that tub and tile cleaner.....i think its called bleach white....The trackballs are durable so basically anything with a little bleach should do the trick....

Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try :)

still have a few left.....bump.....

Also, if interested I can mod these with a clear trackball with rgb leds....


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