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Global VR PGA Golf - 6 Cabinets

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Hi Guys,

I know I'm entering an area of deep and dark magic (based on the related posts i've read, specifically ED's). I recently got 6 PGA Golf Cabinets, complete (by the look of things) but without the computers (guess they have been stripped and used for something else).

I however managed to also get one original hard disk.

I want to resurrect the machines and try to give them a second life. (they have been converted/configured to accept south african currency coins).

can anyone please tell me what the recommended specifications for the computer should be?
can i still buy the recovery disks from Global VR?
can i still buy the Nytric I/O PCB card from Global VR?
can i still buy the PCI to USB 2.0 4-Port Card from global VR?

i guess the first obstacle to overcome is to get the correct computer spcification and the correct OS version

thanks in advance for your help

if u have read my thread u would note all disk's are up on shoutbox
just give stpcore a ring he will help u
the spec's on the mobo are perty straight foward
there is a pdf on gobal vr's web site that give's u the spec's
your olny battle will be with the video card
also u DO NOT need the usb2 card
the i/o card u can buy right from the mfg and bypass gobal vr
these card's are pricey thou,and i have just about finished removing it
and going over to a optipac
to run the optipac u will need window's sp3 loaded
a larger harddrive is in order


Thank you Ed,
i will start locating the specifications/requirements
and take it from there

i did want to come and fix 1 thing i forgot
u will need the dongle for the build
ie 3/3.5/4/4.5
the disk's i had up were for 4
if u need them ring me up i can re-upload them
i am however in the middle of starting a upload ppl in my thread have been waiting for,so you might be better off asking stpcore
i already told the @ we had a chat


Thanks ED,

I'm having difficulty locating the recommended system specifications on GVR's site. can you perhaps point me in the right direction?


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