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FS: mini SLG 2X (scanline generator) (Colorado, USA)

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Wow, that's a really nice project. When I'm almost done with my rig I'll get one.... Nice job

Just ordered 2.  :cheers:

I am on schedule to ship out the first batch of orders on Friday. The elves have been busy over Christmas building mini SLGs ! :)

PS - In the photos of the mini SLG I've posted here and in my project thread, you'll notice there are not screws/posts on the VGA connectors. The screws that came packaged with the shells I am using were not thumbscrews (required small screwdriver) and I realized they were a pain to work with. To keep the cost of the mini SLG low, I decided not to try and source replacement thumbscrews.

I came back from my Moon Patrol adventure to see that my miniSLGs had arrived. That was fast! I hooked one up, and was immediately impressed. They work great! Thanks, CM! :cheers:

Great to hear Yotsuya!

Thanks to everyone who has ordered, I've sold a total of 25 units so far. I have plenty of parts on hand to build more units!

To celebrate the start of 2013, I am offering the metalized plastic case version of the mini SLG for the same price as the black/beige model. This deal will last until Jan 7th, so if you like your VGA adapters shiny, now is your chance! :)


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