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FS: mini SLG 2X (scanline generator) (Colorado, USA)

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Can't see your whole monitor, but it looks like you're playing vertical games letter boxed on a horizontal monitor. In which case the scan lines are running in the wrong direction causing the games to look jacked up.

Hi !
I hope it's not too late to comment on this thread.

I'm in Europe and I  bought the SlG 3000 ( not sure if it's related to you as well) .

It works great on  the emulators I'm using EXCEPT on MAME. I just can't manage to change the resolution to 640x480 in mame. I have modified the mame.ini file in different versions of MAME  but it doesn't do anything.

There's probably something I'm doing wrong but I don't know what :(

Anyway, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks !

Ginsu Victim:

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Welcome to BYOAC! Be sure to have a look around....this forum is a great resource.

Hello everyone!

I just bought a mini slg to use with MAME but i'm not able to make it work and there are not scanlines at all. I set the computer reolution at 640x480 (and later 1024x768) and also in mame settings ... but nothing. 

I also bought a slg3000 months ago but I returned it because it didn't work, but I start thinking that the problem is not the scanlines hardware but my mame settings (even when I tried all the possible combinations with different computers and screens).

Is there anyone using the mini-slg (or slg3000) with MAME with happy results? Please, could you send me your mame.ini to check the differences with mine?


this thing is awesome!! I have been converting a space invaders cocktail to a mame machine and been pulling my hair out trying to get it looking good with mame effects but that allways messed up something else (audio or frame drops) set it to 640x480@60 not effects and I cant ask for anything more. thanks


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