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The mini SLG is an inexpensive, and compact scanline generator that is compatible with devices that output a standard VGA signal @ 640x480 (preferred) & 1024x768 resolutions.

* Male/Female VGA connectors. Simply plug one end into your video source, and the other into your monitor cable.
* ON/OFF switch. Enable scanlines or pass through video signal unaffected.
* Compact. Only 2.25″ inches in length.For 15k RGB sources, a VGA converter such as the GBS-8200 is required.
The mini SLG is not compatible with ArcadeSD or JROK Multi-Williams boards.

mini SLG 2 - $29 USD + shipping

Buy now from Paradise Arcade Shop!

UCA Award Winner 2012
Best Hardware

Over 900 sold.

Pac-Man (60-in-1 board) on an LCD @ 640x480

Fatal Fury 2 (Neo Geo MVS board) on a CRT @ 640x480 using a GBS-8200 CGA->VGA converter

Feedback from users of the mini SLG

"Crafty is offering a great product at a great price. Highly recommend." - Le Chuck

"That was fast! I hooked one up, and was immediately impressed. They work great! Thanks, CM!" - yotsuya

"Took me all of 10 seconds to install. Great price for a well made easy to use gadget." - MameMaster

"tossed one onto my 60 in 1 ... and the picture looks much, much better." - paigeoliver

"Installed mine today on Little Ms. Pac-Man, I absolutely love it." - griffindodd

"Great little device, small footprint, and excellent results. Pretty fantastic!" - Malenko

"I was transported back 20 years in an instant and gave me such a nostalgic feeling. I can't recommend this product highly enough." - termin8tor @

"The Mini is the best for price/value ratio" - TheDude @

"awesome little device!!! A lot cheaper then they SLG-3000 and works great!" - Almighty @

"Suddenly rather than looking very low res and blocky they are back to true (well as close as I'm going to get) arcade style graphics." - Richard

"I just got the miniSLG, it looks awesome on my TV and really cleans up the snes games" - A.H.

Le Chuck:
I'm a satisfied tester and user. Crafty is offering a great product at a great price. Highly recommend.

Thanks Le Chuck for the endorsement!

I have one order slot left for shipping on Friday Dec 28, otherwise the next batch of shipments will be the following week. If only I had a workshop full of little elves ;)

I'll volunteer to build a batch!

Well I was thinking a room full of magical elves... ;)


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