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i have a n64 arcade shark controller and i was wondering about getting a custom made arcade stick controller that not only work with n64 but could have the same button layout as the arcade shark as well with a much better joystick. does anyone know any info on how to go about getting this done?

Well you'd have to hack a N64 controller it's as simple as that.  You'd also probably end up running into issues with the analog stick, I believe it's optical or some such nonsense.

But the better question would be why?  Afaik there are ZERO arcade style games on the n64 with the exception of Mortal Kombat Trilogy and KI Gold.  99% of your n64 games are 3d games, which play badly with an arcade stick and that's assuming you got one of those new fangled analog arcade sticks, because n64 games are IMPOSSIBLE to play with digital controls.  On top of that the n64 controller has a very unique layout, what with the c-buttons and the z-trigger.  Even looking at your gamepad there, the button layout after you've "flattened" everything out is a mess.  I can only imagine how hard it would be to span your fingers across those buttons after you use giant arcade pushbuttons instead of tiny gamepad ones. 

If you really want to do this there are tons of n64 hacking tutorials around the net, but I would seriously reconsider it.   

ya i know the 64 doesn't rally have many game to be used but in my case its the only way i can play , after a resent accident i was left with limited hand function. so with that said because of the button layout and the more simplistic controls of the n64 compared to newer modern systems im able to play with ease. so does anyone know how to do this or maybe if someone owns the controller they could give me some tips on preserving the joystick? 

I own one of these arcade shark controllers. The N64 has not got many games with which to use it, anyway, it's a decent stick. I have not tried to open it because I haven't felt the need to mod it/ thought it was possible to do so.
To preserve it is the same as for any piece of hardware I suppose. I have been using it heavily for a few years now, and it has not failed in any way.
Problem is you won't find any other stick like it for the N64. Perhaps you can find a stick for another console, and an adapter for the N64. But the button layout will be different altogether.
Same opinion as Howard_Casto, I would not recommend hacking it.

Le Chuck:
I say give it a shot.  There is no reason not to hack a regular N64 controller and just build your panel to look like the shark, only with bigger buttons.  If you're living with limited mobility then you're not really worried about losing functionality from the current controller so much as making limited gains with a new one.  I'd look into some of the smaller seimitsu buttons available to minimize spacing issues.  As for the analogue sticks you may do better using the stock unit with some sort of adapter to give you better control like this.  Some folks just remove the thumbstick and screw in a post to make a mini joystick and that may work better for you as well. 

There are services that specialize in making joysticks for those with limited mobility but they tend to charge a ridiculous amount (IMO).  Best of luck. 


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