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PGA Tour Golf by Global VR & EA Sports Owners Thread

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--- Quote from: nipsmg on January 22, 2023, 09:11:40 pm ---Thereís a really cheap USB reader on eBay thatís compatible. I donít have the link anymore but they will on the Facebook group.

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Actually I see an old post of yours that linked eBay. Thanks. I found one that looks identical. Previous one was showing out of stock. Wonder if it would work. No real identifier on it.

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This looks identical.  I would imagine it's the same but I guess there's never any guarantees. 

Hey guys. Just found this post. I picked up a Challenge edition for free from a storage unit. Monitor is toast and the thing was covered in tar. found that the DFi still booted and played. Has the card reader as well. ended up reading and searching and found so either forums. Was able to backup and copy a working image to be safe. Then upgraded the unit to TC with an AAP emulated dongle. Boots and am able to play but damn this hardware sucks. I tried reading thru the posts but 68 pages is ton to sift thru. Iíd love to upgrade the cpu and ram and video to something else for better performance. With some trial and error with pcs I have lying around Iíve come to realize itís not that easy to find a working combination. does anyone have a list of working hardware or suggested parts list? Iíd love to be online and playing with you guys. Iíll be cutting the cab down like I did with my SSB(separate unit) and would love smooth play on 1080. Iím a GT guy and own about 15 GTs. This just seemed like a fun project and a nice change. Iím very tech savvy and can do most things with ease. Iím a little confused as I noticed AAP doesnít give an option to Ďregisterí so am I to understand AAP does NOT allow online play with the private server? and I need to emulate the TC dongle instead? here are some pics and any conversation surrounding this would be greatly appreciated. I also saw someone earlier that had the AMPlayer crashing when trying to start a game, mine did this as well until I disabled tournament in the op settings, this was with the AAP, so maybe that will help you if needed. Hope to hear from someone. And excited to play with you guys! 

before upgrade

Hello everyone,  like a lot of people here I'm new to the game and looking to get a neglected unit playable, and online (if still possible). I have a Championship III edition that I  would like to get to Team Challenge but I only have Frankensteins monster. See Pics. Basically going to be from scratch with a new pc if I can hunt one down for cheap. The pc in there I got to boot once then nothing (power issue I think). Its a Dell 280 with a 6600 gpu (I believe) and no dongle. I looked on Global Vr website and after shipping it'll be $90+ for the recovery and install disks, then I have to emulate or find a working dongle. If anyone has a cheaper way to get these disks I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you please let me know if more pics or anything else is needed.


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