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PGA Tour Golf by Global VR & EA Sports Owners Thread

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--- Quote from: ajmorris74 on August 16, 2022, 12:35:56 pm ---
--- Quote from: Captainspaulding on August 13, 2022, 07:49:04 pm ---
--- Quote from: drummer_god on August 13, 2022, 07:42:31 pm ---Run the installation dics again;
Recovery disc then game discs 1-3
If your goal is to get online, then do not run the all access pass patch disc.

Are you still planning on upgrading to a better computer? If so, you should probably do that before going online too.

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I upgraded to 1.5GB of RAM and used a solid state drive and it's running really smooth and boots so fast.

I'll go back through and leave all access pass off.

Thank you!

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What computer model did you end up using?

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I ended up leaving the beige case computer that was in there.  1.7GHZ - I upped it to 1.5GB RAM and took the ticking time bomb mechanical drive out and swapped to solid state media.

Hey All,
I have picked up a couple of Golden Tee Fore Cabs and will do the conversion as Tom did in his videos.  Where can I get the side art, top Marquee, and the Center info?
I will post pics later today of the cabs before the conversion.


I responded to you via FB messenger

Cabs before the conversion.

Increase resolution in the game?
I have noticed in a few Youtubers that their screen looks larger than 800x600 and the corner info is smaller.  I have one cabinet hooked up to a 27" screen that I would like to try this on. How did they do this?  I will double-check the FB group, but so far I have not found the info.  I did see some talk in this forum but not a 'How to". 



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