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Never built a mame and are starting now.?.?


So this is my first build and i want to build a powermame. Im very new to this and have been studying and doing my best to learn. Here is where i am right now I have a completely stripped down jamma cab. im going to use a dell 8200 tower. I have been told to run mame 32 and ipac. I wanted to go with a lcd monitor and from what im seeing the biggest i can go is 27", i will strip it down and mount it my self. I would like to set up lighted buttons. I wanted to run hyperspin but my boy said to run mala as a front-end. He told me Hypersin was more work then its even worth and i dont even know if the tower im going to use has all intell to be able to run. i was looking at led-wiz and running that but not sure and how it all runs or hooks up. Any ways thank you for taking the time on reading my post!! any ideas are good ideas Thanks again!!!!!


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