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Reader from France


Hi there !
I did not find a thread for new members to introduce themselves, so I thought I would write my first post by talking about THE BOOK :)

Please excuse my English, as I am French and perhaps do not use proper words all the time. :)

That said, I have bought the Project Arcade book, read it from cover to cover and found it extremely interesting, especially as far as the comparisons between the different brands of equipment, such as encoders, joysticks or whatever, are concerned.

I have nearly completed my first build, not of the Project Arcade machine itself, but of a bartop, because I don't have much space available here.
I think the tools are really pricey, and I could not get them from anybody else around me, being the only one interested in arcade gaming in my line of work.

Anyway, I think I will present my work in a thread of its own later. Being my first attempt at building something like this, I wish you won't be too harsh on me, I am just a beginner. I wanted to devote this bartop to one of my favourite gaming genre, i.e. the vertical shooter.

Bye for now. Keep on the good work :)

Well Fed Games:
A vertical shooter bartop sounds great! Can't wait to see your build. Welcome to the forum.

Le Chuck:
Bienvenue!  Ton anglais est mieux que la plupart des membres ici mais je dois vous mettre en garde, il ya quelques québécois clandestins ici alors attention lol   :cheers:

Look forward to seeing your progress on your bartop

Even I Failed to get introduction thread in this forum...anyways does anyone know where I can find a sit-down cabinet design, like the Mortal Kombat 2 cabs?


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