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Sweet, thanks!

Any updates kind sir?  The last one was about 5 months ago I think.  No rush, I know people are busy.

TopJimmyCooks: keeps it updated.  Don't know how often, but it does change a little I've noted.  Most titles are trending a little low v/s real world right now. 

Chris John Hunter:

--- Quote from: Nephasth on November 12, 2012, 11:06:53 am ---

I'll try and keep the link updated.

--- End quote ---

This is great  :applaud:

Have you thought about converting this to an Excel spreadsheet ? Or if you could adapt so that the headers stay so when you scroll you still know what the numbers mean.

Wow! I won't be buying an Elvira anytime soon.  :badmood:

The first number is the more important one.  It would be nicer if they interspersed the header periodically. 

Really if you want to learn pricing you have to haunt rgp and pinside and see what people are really paying and for what condition level.  These pricing guides are not keeping up with the current pinflation.  If you're buying a beater, be sure to factor in the parts cost to get it from Beater to Player or good condition, and make sure you don't get upside down in it.


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