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As there is more persons involved in "vectorisation"
I suggest we use this thread as a central place for vector Work In Progress

why ?
1) just to know who is working on what. to avoid us to work on the same art and to conflict.
2) to encourage cooperation.
3) to call for detailled pics, closeup of a given art.
4) to let people known what's going on

suggestion for submission.

One post per person.
    * each post should be removed when the vector art is finished and uploaded to the vector library
      If a post stay to long (say 3 month) without being updated it will be reported to admins for
      "a deletion request"

    * a post must contain a brief description of what kind of art will be traced

    * a post may contain requests for help.

    * a post may contain request for material but only related for the work in progress
      non related request should go to the adquate forum with the adequate title

    * in case of abandon (real life impose some constraints, but call for help before leaving) the work
      should be marqued as left, and a link to the current file should be given in order to allow his

    * modification and update of the post during the tracing process is encouraged.

    * if no image of the art to be traced is available online, a small image may be attached to the post
      but it is better to point to an online source (either by using the image tags or by providing an URL).

    * the same would apply for any image used in order to display the status and evolution of the work

I am currently working on a few items:

[*]MultiWilliams - need art (working with Nannuu. Nannuu is doing 95% of the work)
[*]Ms. Pacman Cocktail (all)
[*]Galaga Cocktail CPO (I used the bug from PatrickL to complete) - Done [/list]

I'm working on

DONE and UPLOADED:  Centipede Control panel overlay

WIP: Centipede Sideart - taking forever...

current W.I.P.

[*] Millipede marquee. (will take a long long time)
[*] Arkanoid Revenge Of Doh marquee Done and uploaded to AAL
[*] Zookeeper sideart (see status (2.4 Mb))
[*] Bubbles marquee (see status (430 K)
[*] PacLand marque
[*] SuperBug Bezel  canceled, not good enough source for tracing
[*] plus various misc stuff in order to change from the above

[*]Omega Race Sideart (not my cab, just the ref pic, BTW) DONE [*]--how cool[*]--are bulllet lists?


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