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Banana Royale (Pac Man Battle Royale Redesign Contest)

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--- Quote from: Sjaak on September 01, 2016, 01:31:45 pm ---Found it. Make sure the path to the folder of the game doesn't contain any spaces.

--- End quote ---

Hey Sjaak, first and foremost awesome build! I've read through every page on you build thread as well as the Banana Royale thread and it's inspired me to go ahead and create my own version.

I have some questions though if you wouldn't mind helping me out here. I downloaded Banana Royale 6 and am able to play it just fine, I plan to create my own sprite pack for the game.

The thing is that I prefer the HD version that you created instead of the 8 Bit look. How would I go about converting Banana Royale to the HD with the neon glow?
Also I'd like to make some edits to the game play, I'm a web developer by profession but I'm sure I can put two and two together in C#, how can I go about editing the source code?

Thanks again!

Has anybody had problems with bananaroyale running on recent windows10 versions?  I tried to run it today for the first time in probably like 6 months or so, and it just won't run.  It just freezes everything and I have to sign out and sign back in to force stop it (even task manager couldn't get to it).  This sucks!  I was going to play it with my 4 year old, because she remembers playing it a long time ago.  This game was one of my favs.

I know it's been awhile, but yes, I am recently came across this thread and I am running on Win10 just fine.


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