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Outputting jukebox audio to an additional sound card - possible?


So I got this really cool 23" touchscreen monitor, and I've really been enjoying playing touchscreen games on it. But I also want to use it for touchscreen jukebox stuff too...

I'd like to mount this screen in my arcade, and leave it available for use as a game, but also be able to switch to the jukebox software when I want to change music tracks, etc. Then I want to be able to switch back to the front end and allow the user to play games. The juke will be playing music overhead, while the gamer can still hear their game, broadcasting on the speakers right in front of them.

I'm thinking a 2nd sound card should be able to make this happen. I would just set the jukebox program to output its sounds to that card. Can this be done? Has anyone done it?

Unfortunately I can't tell you 100% if this will work but it should as I do something similar except not with jukebox software.

I have an mbox (essentially a sound card) that I use to run Pro Tools for audio editing while at the same time watching tv or listening to music through my onboard audio outputs to my tv. Alternatively I listen to music through my mbox with winamp using digidesigns asio driver (the mbox driver for windows) and am still able to listen to system sounds etc through my onboard audio output. In this case winamp allows you to select where you want the audio outputted. This would be the only part I'm not 100% sure about is if the software you would be using would allow selective output  :dunno

Bump. Anyone know of a jukebox program that allows selectable audio output?

Found a promising software solution, called Indie Volume

Allows you to selectively choose where to output sound from any program, to any audio output. This should allow me to direct the sounds from my jukebox program to my audio card, while keeping the rest of my sounds focused on the touchscreen's speakers, right in front of the user.

Here's what I envision: a hidden 'admin' button which serves as a windows hotkey for switching between apps running on my touchscreen. In the arcade, I can walk up to my touchscreen, hit the hidden admin button, and the screen will switch to my jukebox application, allowing me to change songs or do whatever. Then, hit the button again, and I'm back into SimpleTouch FE, my touchscreen front end.

All the jukebox audio will output to a separate audio card, serving my arcade room's speaker system. The rest of the touchscreen's audio will broadcast on the forward mounted speakers on the touchscreen, plugged into the onboard audio. This way, someone can be playing touchscreen games while the jukebox is playing.

smalltownguy: seems I've found a way to accomplish switching between programs on my touchscreen without even needing an admin button.

A program called 'StrokeIt' captures mouse gestures and translates them into executable commands. Very cool! So I could walk up to my touchscreen, draw a pre-defined shape on the screen, and the program would execute 'alt+tab' for me.

I'll have to test this.


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