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Would anyone like to take over?

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Why ride when you can sit in front of a lcd for hours a day and grow ever paler and fatter like the rest of us?  ;)

So here's what I am thinking.  A new format is probably needed.  I think we go strictly XML.  INI is old school, but was used because back in the day people were still using Win98 on their cabinets.

If someone wants to redesign the dat file go ahead.  We can start having a discussion here on what the requirements are, how to handle odd games, how to handle NeoGeo and other major parents, etc...  Come up with a design and a website to handle it.  I can help convert our existing data over to the new format.  Then the project will be yours to maintain.  I will still help out but I just don't have the time I use to. 

It's been 4 years that I have wanted to redesign my control panel and make everything flush mount now that the tech is there :)

JSON might be a workable and reasonable alternative.

It's a little lighter than XML, there are parsers everywhere, and it's reasonably readable.

I thought of that.  It would be nice to know which version of the file people mostly use.  what do the front ends use.  If we switch to JSON how man front ends will no longer be able to use an updated file because the developer stopped working on the front end.

With a good database structure (and data to go with it) it should be possible to generate any kind of output.
I've been toying with the idea of making a single, more front end oriented, game info related kind of data store for some time ... just never could settle on what information should be in there
and perhaps even more important, how to maintain/update/verify all the information..

anyhow, just to say I'd like to help out in any way I can
and the best place to get things going would be to discuss and decide what relevant information to store.


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