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Hello all.

I was moving around the wiki and tried clicking on the link for CP sketcher on this page on the wiki:

The link to brought me to one of those generic search websites that only suggests links.

Does anyone know if this software is still hosted somewhere reliable/official? Or is it dead?  I'd try to remove the link, but I can't login right now due to known issues.



I tried to find it a week or so ago and ran into same problem.  Those "generic search engine" pages are just parked domains that someone is trying to make a few cents from...

I'd love good links to CP design tools.  The ones in wiki are outdated or broken.  :'(

I found it here

Dates back to 2006 though. Probably deadware.

Yes, I like that idea, but I think a while back someone brought up the notion to make a "electrical type" forum, but I think it died from lack of interest.


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