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Daytona USA shifter MAME conversion


I'm in the middle of a double Mame'd driving cabinet setup, and I have gotten to the point where I have to deal with the dark cloud hanging over head - the shifters.  Let me tell you, out of all of the pieces that I needed to make fall into place (the software, the interfacing of the FFB, ect.), the shifter is the piece that I have been most nervous about integrating.  Well, my shifter came today, and as I dreaded, it has only 3 micro switches.  After reading around a bit, I guess this is a common thing.  So, my question to you is how can I connect this shifter to my I-pac if it only has 3 switches?  Thanks in advance!

Some ways to wire it in this thread:

Or if you are more technically inclined:
(view it on youtube.  The pinout is in the info below the video)

PERFECT. Thanks, youre the best


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