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My Driving Cabinet, Sega style, Midway/Happ FFB (W.I.P. thread)

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I have a model 3 cab that I have been trying to convert. I have a happ wheel, the logitech donor wheel and a amc. I just got my ps to power my amc. I have the donor hacked and the ps hooked to amc but no joy yet. Look at it this way, you have the time to get all the kinks out of your ffb by the time you have your cab.


--- Quote from: brad808 on June 13, 2012, 09:31:37 am ---

Putting the happ motor on the sega mount was easy. I can take pictures of mine if you need help.

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I haven't had a chance to even look at that part yet but if you could snap a pic or two I'm sure it would be helpful for me.  Thanks for the reply.  I have read your progress and watched your videos, looks great!!

I more or less mounted mine like brad did. Here is a pic of mine.


--- Quote from: Brian74 on June 13, 2012, 08:54:55 pm ---I more or less mounted mine like brad did. Here is a pic of mine.

--- End quote ---

Sweet job Brian.  Did you have a hard time getting the Sega gear on that Happ motor?  Did you do it yourself without the help of a machine shop?  I live in a small town and am not aware of any machinists around the area.

BTW do you have a thread showing off your build so far or any how to tips yet?  I like looking at other people's work to see what they did and maybe learn a little more for my build.

EDIT: Scratch the last question Brian.  I remembered the thread regarding "which servo amp to use" was yours.  Lots of good info there.  Keep the tips coming cause I'm sure I'll need them.

I got the idea how to mount it from brad808's thread. Check out Brad808's build: I took in to a machine shop like brad did and had them put a bushing in it. I need to start a build thread. I just have a thread where I was asking questions like you have been. BTW what kind of shifters are those? Do they have 4 switches on them or 3? If they have 4, would you be interested in getting rid of one?  ;)


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