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My Driving Cabinet, Sega style, Midway/Happ FFB (W.I.P. thread)

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The first two shifters I got only have 3 switches.  The one on the Daytona CP does have 4 so I was very excited about that.  I was planning on adding a 4th switch to these shifters like Badmouth did until I came upon my (totally unexpected) 4 switch shifter.  

@Brian74 I had an idea that I think would work with the 3-switch shifter but only if you will be using it strictly for emulator games, not pc or console setup.  Wire 2 of the "gears" to a seperate USB gamepad and the other 2 switches/gears to the buttons on the donor wheel.  You could use the "left/right" switch on the shifter to seperate which device the gear press registers to.  I have 2 or 3 old cheap USB gamepads around that I was thinking of doing this to.  The emulators will allow you to assign buttons to seperate controllers within the same game, but PC games will not.  If you have an extra gamepad to hack, this may be easier than trying to add the 4th switch to a shifter and have it function properly.

Well my first donor wheel did not have enough buttons to cover everything. I plan on using a ps3 and pc games on my cab. So I went to the local gamestop and found a wired ps3 controller I planned on hack to cover the rest of the buttons I planned on having. Then I saw Virgo's thread for his pc/ps3 encoder. So I bought one of those. After that I went and got a logitech wheel off ebay and decided to use that. God knows Im not the best at soldering but I managed to get all the buttons working first shot out. Now if I could get the rest to work I would be sitting pretty. Then all thats left besides to cab cleaning and refinishing is to hook up my pac-drive to the vr buttons to light them up like ramjet did.


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