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Driving cabinet, use arcade monitor or flatscreen?

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Hey guys, with all of the great info on here about building a racing cabinet I can't wait to have my own to run Model 2 and 3 emulators.  I want to build one in the style of the Sega model 2 cabinet.  I have been collecting arcade parts from various auctions and I am just about ready to start.  Originally I had planned to use a 32" flat screen as my monitor but in my latest auction, that I could not turn down, I bought an entire lot of Daytona USA parts and it included 2 original working monitors.  Now my question, to keep it a bit easier on myself should I stick with my flatscreen monitor idea or try to connect the monitor to a pc to run these emulators? 

This whole project will be quite challenging for me as I'm not that electronically savy but I feel there is enough info out there on this topic that I might just be able to pull it off.  :applaud:

I have a driving cabinet and if I were starting from scratch I would go with the 32" flat screen. The reason why is the games being played and the emulators being used. Model 3 needs a powerful video card to run properly as well as some good driving pc games. The problem is getting a powerful video card that will display 15khz. Most newer cards aren't supported yet to display 15khz onto an arcade monitor. With mame/ model 2 it isn't a huge deal because those will run on almost any video card. There are options to convert dvi/vga etc to 15khz but those run more money. This is the problem I'm running into with my driving cabinet using a real arcade monitor+ crappy video card. Graphics need to be turned down to their lowest possible settings and some games still aren't running full speed. Because I already have the arcade monitor in I'll probably look at a good graphics card and then an external converter but like I said if I was starting from scratch just throw the flat screen in and be done with it.

Authenticity wise you'd want to use the original monitors but if you want to make it easier on yourself, use the flatscreen.  The original monitors may require additional financial/time investments to work properly.

I'd go with the'll be much happier with it.

Far more versatile.  Sell the two working CRTs and put it toward the cab.

Thanks for the replies guys.   :cheers: The flatscreen was the direction I was leaning. I guess I just wanted to hear that from a few who may be more experienced with this. 


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