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Le Chuck:
Yoke rebuild thread is a gold mine of good information but is a bit outdated.  I'm starting to add some improvements.  First off was to toss the link to Ram controls because we're better than that. 

I also added a link to a video I made showing how to quickly remove the spring pin from the shaft because pulling it out as shown in the wiki is not what I consider a good time. 

I tossed the link to the manual because it was redirecting to some weird ass learn to speak chineses youtube video.  I need to find a replacement link and drop it back in.  Any other recommendations?

1.) buy cnc
2.) buy injection molder
3.) buy metal brake

Hey Le Chuck, it seems like half (at least) of the yoke rebuild entry in the wiki is missing. ???

Le Chuck:

--- Quote from: lcmgadgets on April 21, 2013, 09:54:33 pm ---Hey Le Chuck, it seems like half (at least) of the yoke rebuild entry in the wiki is missing. ???

--- End quote ---

That's all there ever was.  The pictorial took you from cover already off to bead blasted stripped parts.  The reassembly wasn't pictured in the wiki although there is a thread by the original author around here somewhere that does IIRC.  I was going to keep hammering away at it but wiki editing has been down ever since the upgrade so what it is, is what you got. 

When I did the editing last May I removed only the dead links but left all the pics and the preserved the step by step as it was.  Rather than mess with that I just did a drop in note around step 18ish outlining a different way to get the pin out and linked to a video I did of the process. 

I'll go looking for the rest of it myself. Yes, I am an inherently lazy & stupid person who'd rather let someone else do at least the thinking if not the work itself, so I can simply copy. lol. I'm sure I can (with time, & correcting for hopefully not too expensive mistakes), figure it out myself.

I should add, what u do have up there is great, & the addition of the alternate way to get that *!@!! pin out is fantastic. I don't know how I would have managed it (I suppose I would, ultimately, have drilled the g-d thing out). Thanks for maintaining it.


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