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Side Art Install 101

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Thanks! I finally finshed up another installing kickplate  art WITHOUT premask
I didnt plug the coin door on this one as I did with the previous one-Agent X
but would stil HIGHLY recomend pluging the coin door hole when applying vinyl/art to the front.

So heres another one I recently did which was streamed from
the NW Pinball show in Seattle last weekend.
There are very few pieces of side art that Id do via "WET" method.
DK is one and heres why.
The orginal coating on these machines is super slick and makes for a GREAT bond with the vinyl
almost too good. Making it harder to apply then it really needs to be.
Applying Donkey Kong sideart live
The 2nd example Id recomend doing "Wet" is vinyl to vinyl for the same reason.

I should also note I dont give any speciffic placement for this art.
Mainly due to the fact there was allready sideart on the machine on the other side which was previoulsy done.
So I was simply matching that placement.

I do make reference to the fact that most original pics Ive seen including the flyer shows the "Donkey Kong" text
cenetering to the marquee and bezel retainer.

[previous comments turned out to be incorrect and irrelevant]

Just want to say that this tutorial helped me out in a big way today -- thanks so much!   :notworthy:

Excellent video tutorial !

very helpful. .. going to be needing these soon.


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