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I thought I share and post up a few of my sideart and kickplate art installation tutorials.
But first a couple of Sneak Peeks

Full Sided Side Art Installation
A couple of things I forgot to cover in this tutorial
The squeege and slip cover which Ill be adding to my site soon and will posts some pics
as well. which was used mainly because some sideart is premasked and some is not.
I also did not cover cabinet prep. which is key to a good and perfect installation

These are installed all "DRY METHOD".
Wet method should only be done if the cab is WELL sealed
or when Applying Vinyl to Vinyl.
"Wet Method"-Using a water mix or rapid tack BETWEEN the vinyl and the surface
not to be confused with using a soap/water on the vinyl surface like I did for vinyl siding. which was used only to reduce surface scratches and make the squegee slide alittle better.

"Dry Method"- Applied completly dry NO liquid used between the vinyl and its surface.

"Premask"- A lowtack material applied to the art side of a print to Both protect the print
and keep the vinyl from stretching during installation.

KickPlate install #1-W/premask

Excellent video tutorial !



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