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Chris G:

--- Quote from: Santoro on May 03, 2012, 09:24:59 pm ---:scared :scared :scared  Dang I set that one up perfectly for ya.   :scared :scared :scared

Lemme try again.  How pray tell might one get his Vendor thread pinned to the top of the B/S/T like the others?

--- End quote ---

Rephrase it however you want Santoro, but you're still going to have to give up the handy!


Back off dude.   :)

Ordered some Tokens on Monday afternoon. Got tracking # tuesday evening, and was updated at every step of the process. Ordered, Processed, Shipped, Tracking #.
More vendors need to follow this example of great communication.

Better customer service for a $30 order than I've had for $5K orders.


possibly a stupid question: do i need to replace anything in my current coin-op that is setup for quarters in order to use these? quarters are 24.26mm.

edit: nvm, google is my friend.


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