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Need help with pedals from those who know Logitech Profiler...

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Well Fed Games:
OK, I know there has been a lot of driving controller questions recently, but I will add mine to the pile...

I am using a Logitech Driving Force (technically a PS2 wheel, but it has usb), and calibration went fine when installing the logitech profiler. But here is my problem: in the two PC racing games I have tried (Crazy Taxi 3, Sega Rally Revo), the right (accelerator) pedal seems to be continually sending the "brake" signal when not depressed (it does send the "gas" signal when pushed down, though). Happens both in-game and in menus.

Any suggestions? I simply am not familiar with setting up PC controls and my google-fu is failing me. Wheel, force feedback, buttons, etc. are all working fine, just the pedals. Let me know if the question seems unclear.

Sorry for the vagueness of my answers, but I'm at work and this is from my faulty memory.....

In the Windows control panel under game controllers (maybe devices>game controllers if Win7),
there is a setting to set the pedals combined or separate.  It's a lot easier to find in XP.

In Win7, it's a bit harder to find.
I think you have to right click the controller or something to get to the calibration/settings window.

Or...... In logitech profiler, create a new profile.  When you do that it will have you navigate to the exe that you want it linked to.
From then on, that profile will launch automatically when the exe is launched.
After creating the new profile, the option to combine or separate pedals is buried in one of the tabs at the top.

I'll edit my post to be more specific when I get home, but I hope this helps you now.  :P

Well Fed Games:
Thanks for the response. I found the "separate pedals" check-box both through control panel and in the "global device setings" of Logitech Profiler. I un-checked it, and re-calibrated the pedals in windows and in the the CT3 configuration, and still the same issue. In the display in windows where it shows the rotation of the wheel, level of the pedals being pressed, etc., everything responds correctly.

I wonder if the hardware itself is faulty-- even with the pedals unplugged from the wheel, it still gives me a "brake" signal (selected option constantly scrolling down in main game menu).

Anyway, let me know if anything else springs to mind, thanks again!

I'll have a look when I get home.  I remember Sega Rally Revo being real glitchy when setting up controls.

(and I never did the the no dvd crack working  :angry:  )

bump the dead zone up a tiny bit on the pedals


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