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Build an OND designed cab 'Metropolis'

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Le Chuck:
Wait... you mean your current cab wasn't meant as that?!  I've been building along Bob Ross Joy of Painting style and am just waiting for the next step.  Totally upset when you told me it was red and not orange.  I had to do a mess of repainting. 

That is an awesome idea and you'll make whoever undertakes your design both smarter and happier for having done it.   :applaud:

My $.02 - First, that is a wonderful thing to do and I'm sure you'll get some takers (like me!) given your design eye and art skills. 

On the cab itself, I am obviously biased towards the decisions I've made in the past, but mid depth to me is the way to go.  Designed around an LCD display of a fairly specific size of your choice, i suggest.  To future proof it it could accept a good sized widescreen with the possibility of bezeling down to 4:3.  I say mid depth (like 18" deep at the base) because its hard to do effective sideart on a woody/terminus depth sometimes.  It's a good compromise between modern sizing and art display capability. 

Now that the unsolicited advice has been spewed forth, I can't wait to see whatever you come up with.

Great idea.  Your design will definately be a classic and will be the basis of many future cabs.  Having artwork in vector form will make it even more desireable.  :applaud:


(I say, as I bookmark this thread and configure immediate autonotify on all new posts  :) )

Detailed plans for construction are always welcome.  I look forward to seeing what you make.


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