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Build an OND designed cab 'Metropolis'

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Greatest Idea ever! Now if only we could replicate the quality  :'(

Hey guys,  thanks for the encouraging feedback on this idea, and with saint's endorsement too, how can I not proceed eh? Well it looks like it's happening then!  There's plenty of good questions, suggestions and ideas here already, I hope its OK if I respond to them collectively ?

Just listening to the feedback and combining that with my own ideas, the design has to be something that appeals to both relatively new people to the hobby as well as veterans with plenty of experience.  It should adhere where possible to BYOAC 'best practises' in terms of CP layout and ergonomics. It should appeal to folks who may be sitting on the fence, wondering wether to seek out an existing cab and Mame it or build fresh and need the gentle push down the path of a complete DYI project.  It should be buildable without a CNC or a carpenters CV, just some basic workshop/woodworking power tools. It should be a fresh design and not a rehash of current designs or themes that are floating around.  It should be cool.  It should be reasonably affordable.   So, with all that off the top of my head as a bunch or requirements I've come up with a design brief list:

Form Factor:                 Mid depth upright cabinet
System:                       Mame
Materials:                     MDF, woodscrews, glue, carriage bolts, blood, sweat ..just kidding  ;)
Screen:                        Readily available LCD screen fixed vertical aspect
Finish:                          Painted finish but not crazy 'Ond hi-gloss, work till you have RSI in both elbows kinda finish'.  Just a very smooth satin rolled on finish.
Color:                           Pink, no Blue  :dunno  (depends on theme)
Controls:                       Happ style - 2 player 6 buttons ea. Sanwa JLW sticks, Happ Trackball, Keywiz
Artwork Theme:             Several ideas here, 1. Dragons - Hey I liked em way before Skyrim OK?
                                                             2.Avenging Angels (think sword & sorcery theme i.e. scantily clad women and big shiny swords)
                                                             3. Rusty Robot - Just a little bit retro future but very rusty, and broken......... and sad  :laugh2:
                                                             4. Sexy 'chrome n black' Cyborg i.e *cough* scantily clad gleaming chrome lady
                                                             5. Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - love the babel fish!
                                                             6. Metropolis (the original Fritz Lang ver.) lovely old world feel to appeal to drventure types
Cab Name:                    NFI
Bling lighting:                 Yes
Front End:                     Mala
Coin door:                     Optional

The list isn't going to please everyone of course but should please some.

I couldn't be happier if several people built this at the same time, I really like the idea of some people working together on it, but hey who knows?  

I'll start with the cabinet construction first, that's the easier part, the artwork will take some time (once I've settled on a theme ) but the concept and construction approach can already be posted before I get stuck into that.

This has to be fun, did I mention it has to be cool also? I sure enjoy designing if you hadn't guessed that yet and it lets me be of some use to people who are keen to build.



Le Chuck:
Combine #3 and #4, add a feather boa, miniskirt, and crows feet.  Think robotic rusty sultry dame Judi Dench.  Have it smoking and lounging in a martini glass.  Add neon and stir baby stir!

You won me over with design #6.

Can you really go wrong with dragons?  :applaud:


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