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Build an OND designed cab 'Metropolis'

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DaOld Man:
I agree. Superb idea my good man!!

Yes please, I could then tell my brother to follow the instructions rather then having him call me every other day with another question or 3 :)

Very cool man, Thanks in advance!

I am so interested!!! I have been trying to decide if I wanna continue my silver strike conversion or build a slim for my 26 inch lcd. I will be watching this thread closely!

Le Chuck:
Ond, you should get like four or five builders all agree to start building from your plans on the same day and use one group thread for their builds which you moderate.  That way they can figure it out from each other as well as you.  Then at the end somebody can make like a group slideshow.  That way you are busy doing that and never finishing your opus from that other really long thread of yours.   


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